My Grandfather's Violin


Grandfather's restored violin

Wow!, My grandfather’s violin! My uncle recently gave it to me after it’s been stored for a long while. My grandfather passed away before I was born and my uncle held on to it and played it too. I saw it for the first time when he gave it to me this spring…so grateful🎻


Before restoration

It definitely needed a restoration and so glad to take it to Fairbanks Violins in Binghamton, NY. 
They adjusted the nut, saddle, sound post, installed new strings, new bridge, tuning peg, and restored all of the wood finish (while keeping the original character and imperfections).

Need to take the original bow to a specialist, and played it with my main Coda bow today…Sounds loud and full…


If you know this symbol, please send a message or comment

There were no labels on the violin, however, the heel on the back had a symbol engraved that no one knows what it represents…very interesting🤔. If you happen to recognize the symbol, or know someone who may know, it would be great to unlock the mystery🕵️‍♀️…

Definitely inspired to play and so glad that it sounds great and now restored too!… Much appreciated🙏🎻👍

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