Great time @ Holiday Weekend shows in the Finger Lakes!

Photo by Drew Lewis

Another fun weekend! Performed in the Finger Lakes region of NY… Friday @ Seneca Lake, Saturday @ Skaneateles Lake and Sunday on Keuka Lake!… Beautiful weekend!
@ Kookalaroc's in Watkins Glen, NY : Photo by Brian Wise
Had such a great time @ First Time Performance @ Kookalaroc's Bar and Grill in Watkins Glen on Friday!… Thanks to all that came out… Owners and staff were awesome!… So glad to see so many people I knew at the first show here…Rained for a while, but ended up playing until 10…Great time!

Set up for a private event on Skaneateles Lake, NY on Saturday

Special thanks to Celeste, Jack, Ellie and Kate for hosting such an awesome Holiday Weekend Party on Skaneateles Lake on Saturday!… Beautiful day… Great friends and family… Good Times!

Carpenter Falls, Moravia, NY

Beautiful ride home after the private event!… Drove by Carpenter Falls and stopped for a walk… Took back roads home and caught the sunset in the countryside.

Awesome time @ The Switzerland Inn in Hammondsport, NY on Sunday to complete the holiday weekend celebration!

Awesome to see musical friends enjoying the deck party on Keuka Lake!

Bruce Perron (L) & Michael Houghton II (R)

So great to see the musical royalty of Bruce Perron and Michael Houghton II….

If you are a musician in the southern tier of NY, you definitely know Bruce (on left in first photo) or will know him… Owner of Hard Hit Productions based in the Elmira, NY… Awesome sound/production company, and have been able to work with Bruce many times… Super nice guy and extremely detail oriented when working with him…When you see your favorite performers, Bruce is the one making the show spectacular with sound and lights…from Elmira music/festival events to Tag’s Summer Stage, regional events and beyond!…Bruce Perron, the man, the myth, the legend!

Michael Houghton II (on right in first photo) is the lead singer/frontman of the band Fright…always a great time talking music and hearing his insight on musicians and musicianship


Happy Birthday to friends Trudy and Trisha at the show and also Happy Anniversary to James and @Judy too…(Hope I’m not forgetting someone)

Sunset @ The Switz on Keuka Lake, NY

Great time on the deck with a lot of fun Keuka Lake energy!…The clouds eclipsed the sun at the last minute, but still a beautiful view of the lake while packing up…
Awesome welcoming and accommodating staff @ The Switz!

Returning to The Switz on Sunday Labor Day Weekend… (Sun Sept 1)… 5-8. Hope to see you soon!

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